“I Feel a Lot Younger and Smile a Lot More”

Rosenel Richards

Rosenel Richards had always been a very active person until her knee pain became disabling.  “Prior to my surgery, both knees were painful with every step I took.  Every shopping trip, entertainment event, and sightseeing trip that my husband and I planned, required him driving me to the door and finding other ways of going up and down ramps and stairs.  Our retirement plans were being adversely affected by this handicap because I had become a spectator instead of a participant.”


“It was difficult to sing in my church choir because knee pain kept me from standing for the required amount of time.  I was unable to go up and down stairs without pain.  I could walk only a short distance without stopping to sit to relieve the pain.  It was hard to find a sleep position that was comfortable because even the pressure of my knees against the bed was painful.”  She rated her pain as an 8 on a scale from 0-10.


“Shopping carts became my best friend as a leaning device when I walked.  If none were available, I used a cane.”


Rosenel had minimally-invasive unicompartmental (partial) knee replacements performed on each knee, seven months apart.  “Two weeks after each surgery, I walked into Dr. Nixon’s office with only the aid of a walking cane.  I drove myself to and from physical therapy and continued exercising on a recumbent bike after a month.  I could do any normal activity within a month after surgery.  Four months after surgery, I felt completely recovered.”


How has her life changed after surgery?  “It’s as simple as this:  I now have my life back!  I have no pain!  I am, once again, an independent person.  I work out three times per week on a recumbent bike, do my own housework, work in the yard, shop till I drop, and attend events that require walking.  I feel a lot younger and smile a lot more.”


Rosenel is retired as Director of Christian Education at her church, but remains as active as ever.  She is once again singing (and standing) in the choir and has directed the Vacation Bible School at her church.


“My only regret is that I put it off so long.”


“Rosenel is a model patient and a truly remarkable lady.  I have great admiration for her and her entire family.  I am happy to have helped her continue her service to others.”             

         Dr. Nixon


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