"Dr. Nixon used the Quad Sparing technique.  I was shocked in how very little pain I had. "

Rebecca Wallett

Rebecca Wallett was nearly crippled at her young age because of the severe pain she had in her knees from bone-on-bone arthritis.  After several years of trying all conservative treatments, she finally decided to have her knees replaced.  And did she do well!


“I cannot say enough about Dr. Nixon, his surgical skills and his staff.  I am a 53 year old female and I got my left total knee replacement in October of 2012.  Dr. Nixon used the Quad Sparing technique.  I was shocked in how very little pain I had.  I was out of work for a total of 3 weeks.  I had physical therapy for only about a month.  My right knee was next and I couldn’t wait.  Dr. Nixon did let me know that no two knees are the same.  He told me it could be the same or I could have some pain.  I had the right one done April of 2014.  There was some pain, but it was very little.  Totally tolerable! I was off work again for only 3 weeks.  I have had physical therapy for 2 months for my right knee.  The Quad Sparing procedure in my books is the only way to go.  My scars are only about 4” long and look great.  My primary physician was so impressed, she got Dr. Nixon’s number from me for her father who needs knee replacement.  I appreciate Dr. Nixon and his staff’s honesty and support through both surgeries.  They have always been there if I called or needed anything.”            Rebecca Wallett


Rebecca looks forward to returning to an active lifestyle with her new knees.

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