Sports Medicine

The physiology, pathology, and biomechanics of athletic performance make up the science of sports medicine.  Experts in the field of sports medicine are trained in the treatment and prevention of injuries to muscles and joints, from minor strains and sprains to more serious disruptions of ligaments and fractures of bones.  Sports-related injuries can range from benign overuse conditions in runners and cyclists, to more severe life threatening conditions such as sudden cardiac arrest or fractures of the spine.  The sports medicine expert has to be trained in all of these areas.


Dr. Nixon is fellowship trained in the science of athletic medicine.  He was an integral part of the medical staff of the Houston Oilers during his fellowship training, and has continued serving as team physician for public and private high schools in the Houston area.  On most Thursday and Friday nights, Dr. Nixon can be found roaming the sidelines with the trainers at area football games.  He has served the Houston Independent School District for over 20 years as one of their key physicians, treating hundreds of boy and girl student athletes in every sport.


Dr. Nixon’s passion for sports and athletic medicine has kept him dedicated to learning the latest and most current techniques for treating knee and shoulder injuries.  He works closely with the therapists and trainers to return each patient to their respective sport as quickly and safely as possible.  He has designed specific protocols for rehabilitation of athletes and conditioning and throwing protocols for pitchers.

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