Shoulder Replacement

When debilitating pain develops in the shoulder from arthritis, shoulder replacement surgery may be the last option after all other conservative treatment has failed.  Similar to hip replacement surgery, the diseased head and socket of the shoulder is replaced with metal and plastic components, thus eliminating the pain caused by the loss of surface cartilage.  The techniques and materials have evolved over the years making shoulder replacement surgery a very successful procedure.

Dr. Nixon utilizes the latest in technology when it comes to shoulder replacement.  The modular prostheses that are used provide a wide range of sizes that are specifically fit to the patient at the time of surgery.  He has expertise in both standard total shoulder replacement and the new reverse total shoulder replacement, which is used for patients without a functioning rotator cuff.  Patients undergoing total shoulder replacement surgery are usually in the hospital for less than two days.  Physical therapy can be started as an outpatient as soon as the patient returns home.


Results of shoulder replacement surgery are quite good.  Improved function for activities of daily living and pain relief are usually universal.  For more information on shoulder replacement surgery, and to see an actual patient testimonial, visit

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