Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Most shoulder problems can be treated with simple conservative techniques, including rest, medication, injections, or physical therapy.  Certain conditions however, will require a more aggressive approach.  Degenerative and traumatic tears of the rotator cuff (the group of muscles that control the movements of the shoulder) and the glenoid labrum (the cartilage structure around the shoulder socket) will not heal without proper surgical intervention.  In the past, shoulder surgery has been very debilitating and has required larger incisions to address the issue.  Over the past 20 years, less invasive arthroscopic procedures have evolved to treat these conditions. 


Dr. Nixon is fellowship trained in arthroscopic and open surgery of the shoulder.  His practice incorporates the latest and most current techniques for arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and arthroscopic stabilization procedures for the unstable shoulder.  Technically accurate arthroscopic treatment has been shown to restore function as well or better than previous open procedures, with much less pain and scarring.


Previous career-ending injuries to the shoulder of throwing athletes can now be effectively diagnosed and treated with arthroscopic surgery.  Dr. Nixon specializes in the arthroscopic repair of labral injuries in pitchers, and is actively involved in the rehabilitation and the patient’s  return to throwing.


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