Pitching Mechanics - Video Analysis

The best arm insurance policy a pitcher can buy-
Slow Motion Video 

If your son is a Little Leaguer, it is never too soon to begin teaching proper mechanics.  If he is of high school or college age, it is never too late to make changes that will prevent injury, improve velocity, and prolong his career.  Dr. Nixon's instruction includes pre-bullpen and pregame warm-up exercises and post-throwing routines that will improve performance and speed recovery.


Most pitching instructors are not trained in the science of pitching or the prevention of injury. Many drills and training tools are counterproductive to the proper mechanics of pitching and can even be harmful.  Does your instructor know this? 


As a parent, coach, or instructor, knowing the hard-to-recognize faults of a player's delivery may be invaluable in getting that pitcher to the next level.  Video analysis is the key!

Each video lesson includes a DVD with voice-over instruction and side-by-side comparison with a Major Leaguer with sound pitching mechanics.  There is no better learning tool than visual confirmation and illustration.


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Lessons can be customized to fit your goals.  Packages are available.

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