Pitching Mechanics

Being a former collegiate baseball player, Dr. Nixon takes special interest in his favorite sport - baseball.  He is currently the Head Baseball Coach  at Northland Christian High School in northwest Houston.  He has been a pitching coach at the high school and college level. His specialty is video analysis of the pitching motion, and he offers video lessons and instruction to players of all ages, from little league to college.  He emphasizes proper mechanics and technique, as well as proper conditioning and fitness, in order to avoid injury and improve performance. Dr. Nixon uses scientifically-researched principles to support his coaching techniques.


"I have treated sore and injured arms for the past 20 years, and undoubtedly, the number one cause of arm injury is poor throwing mechanics.  Poor conditioning, excessive pitching, and improper training all play a role, but all of these lead to poor mechanics which result in injury."  - Nixon


With his baseball background and his orthopedic training, Dr. Nixon is very knowledgeable of the flaws in a pitcher's delivery that contribute to injury.  He says, "Some flaws are obvious to the naked eye, but even the most trained eye can't pick up the fine points of a pitcher's mechanics.  Only a slow motion video analysis will be able to capture the fastest motion in sports."


If you are recovering from an injury, don't just rehab, change what caused the problem in the first place.  Continuing the same faulty mechanics will likely lead to recurrent injury.


Prevent arm injuries and maximize your potential with the proper instruction.

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