Your Health is What Matters to Us

The professionally-trained and courteous staff at Northwest Knee & Shoulder Center will direct you through a streamlined process that allows for appropriate diagnosis in a timely and cost efficient manner, maximizing your time with the physician.  We pride ourselves on minimizing wait time for the patient and concentrating our efforts on making each visit an enjoyable and positive experience.  We hope each patient will leave fully informed and educated on their condition and confident they have received the best in orthopedic care.

Radiologic evaluation is critical to an orthopedic surgeon in making an accurate and definitive diagnosis of a patient’s condition.  Northwest Knee and Shoulder Center offers patients the convenience of having state-of-the-art digital X-rays taken on-site, including special views of the knee and shoulder that many facilities don’t have the capabilities of taking.  Follow-up X-rays in the treatment of fractures can be quickly and conveniently performed in our office.

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